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How to Transfer bookmarks from iPhone to Android

Its easy to bookmark a website to access it later some browsers term it as "Favorites" but transfering your bookmarks from your iPhone to Android could be tricky so we have made a tutorial in simple steps.


How to fix Touch ID iOS 7.1 issues

As we already reported that the long-awaited iOS 7.1 update couldn’t fix the iPhone 5s touch ID issues; however, it did manage to create some more major problems. User reports have been pouring in complaining about troubles using Touch ID. 


How to replace iPhone / iPad Home button


 If you have jailbroken your iDevice powered by iOS 7, then you can get a free iOS 7 Home button jailbreak tweak. This latest iOS 7 jailbreak tweak rescues you from any hardware buttons issue related to the Home button.


How to fix iOS 7 Jailbreak Status Bar Overlap Issue

After jailbreaking any iOS device powered by iOS 7, a plenty of users have complained about a problematic status bar. Regardless of which device you use, this status bar comes up immediately after jailbreaking your iDevice for many users.


How to disable iOS7 Parallax effect

There are many complaints about the iOS 7 parallax and zooming effects and people have flooded Apple support forums with their complaints and so far Apple is unable to solve out. So we found out a solution for you if you are a victim of it. 

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